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This is because religion can tell us something about a person’s background, as much as it can tell us about their values and beliefs.For daters born into a certain religion, but who don’t necessarily regard it as an important part of their life, other users can at least see something about their cultural background.However, this is especially true of questions regarding ‘religion’. Sure, if you’re an atheist who doesn’t particularly care about the religiosity of your potential dating matches, then you have the option to shape your dating profile on to reflect that.In some circles, being an atheist is a strike against you.For those who identify their religion as important to them, we can see that they hold their religious beliefs and practices highly and that they expect any prospective dating partners to be respectful in this area.Completing your dating profile accurately in all areas is vital to finding reliable matches on any dating website, of course.Everyone knows that it is bad etiquette to bring up politics and religion at a dinner party. Because it increases the likelihood for awkward silence and/or extremely unpleasant disagreements as people express their opinions and personal beliefs.

At, we found that asking someone to identify their religion in their dating profile is only useful when we combine that with a separate question, ‘how important is your religion to you’.

But at the online site Ok Cupid, it might just help you get a date.

In 2009, the site’s founders analyzed responses from more than 500,000 users and discovered that including the word “atheist” in a first message to another user was more likely to garner a reply than any other religious descriptor except Christian.

For some people, ‘religion’ merely refers to the faith into which they were born and is something they may no longer actively practice.

For others, religion is very important to them and a core part of who they are.