Sober dating ideas

Despite popular belief, I still like to leave my house (once in a while) and do fun things.

Most importantly, I love going on dates with my significant other. They don't need to consist of Netflix and falling asleep on the couch all the time (even though that does sound fun). This is something I did frequently as a teenager and I love bringing it back now that I'm sober.

I am pretty sure I've done this with girls I don't even like that much, just as an excuse to put a lot of this in my face. Take an offbeat and/or absurdly difficult exercise class. I am one of those people who can go vintage/thrift/consignment shopping for hours and completely forget other basic human drives like staying hydrated or pooping.

Grab some stuff at a Whole Foods and go sit in a park. Picnic snack pro tip: The combo of baguette, goat cheese, and fig spread/jelly/jam is tight as hell. You KNOW Taylor Swift and Sarah Hyland have made a lot of chocolate-chip-peanut-butter cookies in their day.4.

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Visit a Museum Unless this sounds like the most boring idea ever, consider visiting a museum in your area.

Not only will you learn a great deal about history, you'll find that taking it all in with someone new can be exciting and different.

Don't count this idea out, even if you aren't a fan of museums.

See who is the bowling master, who can throw more strikes, or who has to use the bumpers. It's public enough to be perfect for a first date, yet intimate enough that you'll be able to talk with your date.

Watch Buffy The Vampire Slayer all the way through.

Especially if one of you hasn't seen it for the first time.

One way to experience the sun and water of Lake Michigan without all the crowding on the beaches is to try stand up paddleboarding (SUP for short).

Using a paddleboard, which is larger and wider than a normal surfboard, you can make your way around the lake at a leisurely pace and even stop to hang out and float around. Operating from locations downtown at the Riverwalk and south in Chinatown, you can choose from a variety of different tours or simply rent a kayak to enjoy the scenery.