Who is mena suvari dating now

Mena Suvari: David, Mena Suvari: David, what's happening?

Eli Roth: You're trying to get my guard down, so I'll get Eli Roth: on my knees to kiss you, and you can puke in my mouth Eli Roth: again.

Mena Suvari and Simone Sestito ended their marriage amicably.

Though Sestito had previously asked for ,151 a month in spousal support, Suvari's rep tells TMZ "they have amicably resolved their financial differences outside of mediation and court." Suvari's rep adds: "Neither party will pay the other any support." PHOTOS: Hollywood's most expensive divorces Suvari began dating Sestito in 2007, and they married on June 26, 2010.

"I'm very Aquarius that way." PHOTOS: Hollywood's ugliest divorces This is Suvari's second divorce; she split with cinematographer Robert Brinkmann in 2005 after five years of marriage. PHOTOS: Hollywood's shortest marriages "It's taken years to get to know myself.

Starring: Mena Suvari & Eli Roth Writers/Directors/Editors- Jack Bishop & Justin Nijm Producer- Ben Sheehan Producer-Brianne Trosie Production Coordinator- Ross Buran Director of Photography- Barry Elmore1st AC- Darren Nim Gaffer- Blake Farnham Best Boy- Joel Bezemer Key Grip- Luigi Cortez Swing- Dave Hoffman Production Designer- Susie Mancini Art Director- Michael Castillo SFX Makeup- Dan Diana & Charles Wills Hair & Makeup- Jen Osborne Wardrobe- Jordy Scheinberg Sound Mixer- Go Pal Bidari PA- Edgar Castillo PA- Glenn Fellman You're Not My Girlfriend with Eli Roth And Mena Suvari halloween demon soul possession exorcist girl scary girlfriend scary stories scary movies eli roth mena suvari mena suvari halloween eli roth halloween eli roth horror horror movie parody halloween girlfriend (chainsaw revving) (evil laugh is heard) (chainsaw revving) Eli Roth: My God Linda, what have they done to you?

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Mena certainly seems to have a “type.” 10 pictures inside of Mena and Simone…

The magazine's spring fashion issue, 33-year-old Suvari refuted rumors that being in the spotlight contributed to her split with the Italian concert promoter.

"I don't let that affect my personal relationships," Suvari explained.

Had you been well-versed enough to even be aware of “Garden of Eden”? Mena Suvari: No, I hadn’t known of “Garden of Eden.” I knew of Hemingway, but not a great deal. You know, “The Old Man and the Sea.” But I didn’t know “Garden of Eden,” and after I read the script, I loved it, so I went out and I got the book right away, and I fell in love with the book. I just loved doing what I was doing and enjoying it.") Oh, my God! The first time I went on, I think I had, like, one line, and my mom always tells me this story and reminds me how I was going over and over and over the line with her, saying it with different inflections. I was just so unaware of the business, and I could just have fun. I just loved doing what I was doing and enjoying it. I can look back now and understand how he had come from theater, so there was this work ethic that he had brought to the set of “American Beauty” that did kind of set a precedence for me, because I learned that I loved rehearsal. Like, I’m so taken with this story and the book itself, and I was excited about it.

I really consider it to be one of my favorite books to this day. MS: Yeah, just the one time, and it was when I was much younger. But we shot the film in Spain, so we kind of cheated. And that’s the thing: as you get older, you’re always struggling with keeping that…what’s the word? I loved the way I worked with Sam, and that’s still important to me, so I think he helped shape me. () But, I mean, I don’t look at material that comes my way in the sense of, “Oh, I have to do this movie because it’s a big studio movie that’s going to make a lot of money, so I can brand myself.” I don’t look at it like that. I hadn’t worked on a project where we were making a film out of a book.